New Videos!

Audio/Video by Zach Herchen

Popebama was thrilled to join yarn/wire at The Stone, NYC as part of their 2019 residency.


Ball State University 49th Annual Festival of New Music 

The School of Music at Ball State University is pleased to feature guest artist Popebama at the 49th Annual Festival of New Music. From March 14-16, 2019, the “noisily virtuosic” duo of Erin Rogers and Dennis Sullivan will perform adventurous works for saxophone and percussion over 5 concerts, including new works by Rick Burkhardt, Chin Ting Chan, and winners of the festival’s call-for-scores. Thanks to everyone who submitted to the Festival of New Music Call-for-Scores: INFO HERE


European Tour 2018
Hamburg, Freiburg, The Hague, Amsterdam, Bergen – we had a blast!

Post-concert with Decoder & Tristan Perich (Resonanzraum, Hamburg)

Photo credit: Gerhard Kühne

Working with students at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg